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“I’m 17 and have lived in Cranleigh since I was 7, as an only child making my own entertainment has been a big part of my life. Growing up there were many things to do: swimming, soft play and the playground. I have noticed in recent years that there’s limited things for the 14-17 age bracket to do in Cranleigh. I posted this on Facebook after talking to many of my peers, who agree. We believe the ideal thing to fill the gap in the market for our generation would be an American style diner.

“It would be somewhere where we can still feel we’re with other generations in the community but aimed at our age, somewhere to catch up with friends, have affordable food and drinks, not just from an organised event or activity. A place for us to simply chat to our friends, face to face instead of behind a screen.” Emilia wrote recently in the Cranleigh Magazine.

SMART Cranleigh are starting a Cranleigh conversation with all stakeholders. We want to find out what sort of facilities and services our young people need and how they would like to see it delivered, and how they can make this happen. The young people of Cranleigh need joined up social and recreational meeting places, exercise opportunities, youth mentoring and life skill learning opportunities with more intergenerational connectivity. We would love to hear from one and all with your thoughts, ideas and observations.

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