SMART Cranleigh Meeting At Rowleys Centre

A meeting was held by the SMART Cranleigh group on 22nd November 2017 at Rowleys Centre, Victoria Road, Cranleigh.

The meeting started with a welcome and opening by The Mayor of Waverly Cllr. Simon Inchbald. There followed a plenary session which was addressed by Stephen Dennison and Rosemary Hurtley both Directors of the Smart Cranleigh group.

Seventy local movers and shakers from the Cranleigh community attended the meeting where guest speakers provided details of some analysis of Public Health findings in relation to both intergenerational work and activities to reduce the loneliness and progressive disconnect that is taking place due to loss of partners, progressive neurological conditions and other issues, which isolate not only the person suffering but quite frequently their carers too.

The second half of the meeting was composed of six working groups which were challenged to come up with ideas to help in a positive manner some of the key issues that challenge all in this community.

The meeting finished at 9pm with thanks and feedback being delivered from the working groups spokespersons.

Our thanks to all who attended. We look forward to moving forward as a community.

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