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Summerlands Estate Residents’ Association, Cranleigh

Contact: Sue Dewhurst


The current Summerlands Estate Residents Association (SERA) was formed eight years ago.
Its stated aim is ‘To promote and safeguard the wellbeing and environment of the Summerlands estate for the benefit of all residents’.
These objectives have been and are being met by a variety of events occurring on the estate which are organised by SERA.
Residents are made aware of these events by means of a quarterly newsletter which is distributed to all households.
Events include community picnics where residents can meet with neighbours and catch up on news, and activities such as litter picking and conservation sessions, organised by the Waverley Borough Council Countryside ranger, which involve the  maintenance of the Summerlands pond, woodland and wild flower meadows.   These activities have recently resulted in the award of Green Flag status for the estate.
Residents are encouraged to keep their properties and any adjacent green spaces tidy and to liaise with neighbours, especially the elderly, in order enhance the estate’s friendly atmosphere and attractive appearance.