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Contact: Sharon Duggan


We are now facing the greatest challenge of our times –  how to halt climate change and move to sustainable lifestyles BUT, living a sustainable lifestyle is not a sacrifice;
it’s different yes, but it’s also chemical-free, healthier, much cheaper(!) and a way of living that is in harmony with the planet, wildlife and ourselves!
If you would like help, then look no further.  Sharon Duggan has been living this lifestyle for decades: she has been a commissioned writer on sustainability for the charity WWF,
has had her low carbon lifestyle featured in Ethical Consumer magazine,
has written on sustainability for the Surrey Advertiser newspaper,
has been vegetarian for forty years and dairy free as well for the past twenty,
hasn’t flown since 1990, has eaten seasonally and organically for the past twenty years,
has gardened organically for over thirty years, she makes her own household cleaners and a lot of her beauty products and lots more.

She has also run many workshops on sustainable living and is now re-running them on a rolling basis so if you miss one, you can catch it next time around.