SMART Cranleigh

Connecting Our Community

SMART Cranleigh is a community network that supports and enables local initiatives in and around Cranleigh

Coronavirus Community Helpline : call 0300 200 1008 for help with shopping, urgent supplies, posting mail, regular calls for a chat

Click here to volunteer as a Street Champion

Cranleigh Community COVID-19 Action Facebook Group

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Our Mission

SMART Cranleigh work with partners and groups to improve quality of life and wellbeing by supporting and enabling community initiatives. SMART Cranleigh produces resources and materials including the Community Calendar and Directory.

We are passionate about building a resilient community that is fit for the future and inclusive for all.

We would love to hear from you; come along to an event, follow us on social media or drop us an email. Whatever you do get involved today!

Smart Cranleigh - Community Cranleigh

Our Projects

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